The Letter

Submitted as part of Ernie’s portfolio for the California State University Northridge film program, “The Letter” is a story told entirely in black and white photos. Ernie teamed up with veteran Contraband TV cinematographer Ernesto Elizarraraz to tell the heartbreaking story of a couple saying goodbye.

Behind the Scenes

The Letter


Shot at the beautiful Los Angeles Union Station, “The Letter” began with crude storyboards on paper. Ernie carefully planned out each shot, making sure the story would play out in exactly 10 photos. Once the storyboards were drawn up, Ernesto Elizarraraz worked his magic to bring the photos to life.

After the project was complete, Ernie submitted the photo essay to the California State University Northridge Department of Cinema and Television Arts and was one of the 40 students admitted into the film program.

Cinematography by Ernesto Elizarraraz.