Neil Ford – “Don’t Give Up On Me”

Behind the Scenes

Neil Ford - Don't Give Up On Me


Neil Ford approached Contraband LLC. to produce a music video for Operation Homefront. The Contraband crew accepted the challenge, knowing the non-profit organization would only allow a small budget.

Ford’s song “Don’t Give Up On Me” tells the story of a man going to war and the family he leaves behind. In one dramatic scene, our hero is caught in a deadly ambush of semi-automatic rifle fire and grenades, injuring a fellow soldier. Along with blank assault rifle rounds, special effects technicians rigged remote detonated charges to go off on cue.


Artist: Neil Ford

Song: “Don’t Give Up On Me”

Production Co: Contraband LLC, ErnieFilm Productions LLC.

Release Date: November 27, 2013

Runtime: 4:37

Genre: Country

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