True Life: I Live at the Hobo Jungle

“Meet Dave Davidson.”


True Life: I Live at the Hobo Jungle


True Life: I Live at the Hobo Jungle” is a mockumentary based on the MTV reality series True Life. The parody follows the day in a life of Dave Davidson (Arthur Sotelo), a homeless man living in the infamous Hobo Jungle in Oxnard. Not based in anything close to reality, Dave finds himself down on his luck as he loses his home, fails at making any money on the street, and is attacked by a group of paintballers.

The documentary was inspired by MTV’s Jackass as various skits and stunts were edited together from Dave’s journey from Oxnard to Ventura. The film was competed and the DVD was released in 2006.

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Behind the Scenes

  • True Life: I Live at the Hobo Jungle
  • True Life: I Live at the Hobo Jungle
  • True Life: I Live at the Hobo Jungle

The film was Arthur Sotelo’s first starring role in a film. Art did most of his own stunts, including falling off the hood a moving Jeep and eating a raw fish, but a stand-in was used for the scene where Dave is shot with paintballs. Dave’s stuffed teddy bear “Snuggles” was a prop found at the Hobo Jungle location. The bear was rigged to have a detachable head.

Many of the scenes in the documentary used guerrilla filmmaking tactics to gain real reactions from people on the street. Of course, run-ins with the law were common, like during a scene where Dave is soliciting sex with a cardboard sign on a busy road.


Storyline: Dave Davidson has a hard life. Journey along side Dave as he shows us the daily struggles of a homeless man living in the infamous Hobo Jungle in Oxnard, California.

Tagline: Meet Dave Davidson.

Production Co: ErnieFilm Productions LLC, CT Productions, Hey Deeck Productions

Release Date: December 19, 2006 (DVD)

Runtime: 27 minutes

Genres: Documentary | Comedy