“Every saga has a beginning… Even this one.”


Furby Wars


Furby Wars” was the first “feature” film directed by Ernie Vasquez. At 15 years old, Ernie borrowed his parents’ VHS-C camcorder and gathered his friends from the neighborhood to film his own action movie complete with NERF shoot outs, choreographed lightsaber battles, and homemade squibs. The final 45-minute epic took over two years to complete.

The first film in a planned thrillogy, “Episode I: The Furby Menace,” combined elements of Ernie’s favorite action films including Star Wars, The Matrix, and The Rock. Sadly, the sequels never quite materialized…

Original Trailer

Behind the Scenes

  • Furby Hunter
  • Alex AKA Furby Hunter
  • Furby Wars Special Edition

The first half of the film was edited all in-camera, so if there was a mistake the camcorder would be rewound and the bad take would be taped over. Midway through filming, the VHS-C camcorder broke down. Fortunately, Ernie’s aunt donated a full-size VHS camcorder to keep production going. Digital video editing was also introduced about half-way into production which drastically improved the film’s sound mixing and special effects.

Production started on “Epsiode II: Agent Jon Strikes Back” in 2003, but interest shifted towards other ErnieFilm projects.


Storyline: On the small planet Mecca, two Jedi-like warriors named Furby Hunter and Michael-Won set out on an adventure to rescue their fat friend O’Neill who holds the key to restoring peace to the galaxy.

Tagline: Every saga has a beginning, even this one…

Production Co: ErnieFilm Productions LLC.

Release Date: June 7, 2002 (VHS)

Runtime: 45 minutes

Genres: Action | Sci-Fi