Contraband TV – Episode 3

Considered to be the “Lost Episode” of Contraband TV, Episode 3 was never officially released as a full episode. Instead, the sketches were uploaded online as soon as they were finished. The show has finally been edited together with all original Episode 3 content and a few unreleased segments from Episode 2. While not all sketches are new, there are a few Contra classics in the lineup. Mun2 VJs Jorge Pico and Crash Barrera guest star in “Pico’s How to Be a VJ” and the Contra boys get done-up in drag in “Chicas Project Auditions,” but the most ambitious sketch of the episode has to be “The Sexual Network” which recreates the entire “The Social Network” trailer with porn.



Executive Producers: Ernie Vasquez, Gustavo Lopez, Christian Chavez, Jose Fortanel

Writers: Gustavo Lopez, Ernie Vasquez

Cast: Gustavo Lopez, Christian Chavez, Ernie Vasquez, Ryan Guillermo, Jose Fortanel, Johnny Bellfield

Release Date: November 4, 2010

Runtime: 20 minutes