Contraband TV – Episode 2

Episode 2 of Contraband TV followed the irreverent humor and shocking moments of previous episodes with more envelope pushing sketches. The show’s first cameo, Lou Pizarro of Operation Repo, opened the show with the cold open “Operation Kill the Repo Guy” where Ernie and Ryan G. suggest he kill himself to boost his ratings. Boundaries were also pushed with “The Oil Guy” and “Suppressed Memories with Higdalio Bravo” because of, well, Higdalio. But the highlight of the show was the return of “The CT Show,” which features the follow-up classic “Behind the Flop: The Table Dance Guy and the hilarious music videos “Hero,” “No One,” and “Mistapes.”



Executive Producers: Ernie Vasquez, Gustavo Lopez, Christian Chavez, Jose Fortanel

Writers: Gustavo Lopez, Ernie Vasquez

Cast: Gustavo Lopez, Christian Chavez, Ernie Vasquez, Ryan Guillermo, Johnny Bellfield, Higdalio Bravo

Release Date: October 17, 2009

Runtime: 28 minutes