Contraband TV – Beyond

Beyond Episode 3 of Contraband TV we decided to upload sketches individually instead of creating full semi-cohesive episodes. In the sketches uploaded from 2012 to 2013, Crash and Chuey joined Contraband as full time cast members, appearing in over half of skits produced. Some of the standout sketches are the parody trailers for “Skip-It,” aka Footloose with toys, and “Stand and Deliver 3D.” 2012 also marked the launch of a spinoff series called “The Geek Hour” starring Jose Fortanel and Alex Vasquez.



Executive Producers: Ernie Vasquez, Gustavo Lopez, Jose Fortanel

Writers: Gustavo Lopez, Ernie Vasquez

Cast: Gustavo Lopez, Ernie Vasquez, Jose Fortanel, Alex Vasquez, Chuey Martinez, Crash Barrera

Release Date: 2012 - 2013