Behind the Flop: World Wars I

“Fame. Failure. Explosions.”


Behind the Flop: World Wars I


Originally planned as the pre-sequel to ErnieFilm’s “World Wars II,” the unfinished “World Wars I” became one of the biggest flops in ErnieFilm history. Though a cut of the film exists, the real drama was found behind the scenes. One year later, on a quest to salvage all the time and money spent on the production, Ernie interviewed everyone involved with the failed project and “Behind the Flop” was born.

The series would return for the second season of Contraband TV with “Behind the Flop: The Table Dance Guy,” though that story was all fabricated.


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Behind the Scenes

  • Behind the Flop: World Wars I
  • Behind the Flop: World Wars I
  • Behind the Flop: World Wars I

The scope of “World Wars I” proved too extensive for the filmmakers at the time. With over 15 actors on location and multiple squibs and special effects to be timed perfectly, the shooting schedule stretched to over 10 days. Restlessness on set and love quadrangles between actors and actresses slowed things down, but a special effects disaster halted production permanently.

The location of the film served as the basis for ErnieFilm’s next project “True Life: I Live at the Hobo Jungle.”

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ConnectionsTrue Life: I Live at the Hobo Jungle | Behind the Flop: The Table Dance Guy | World Wars II

Production Co: ErnieFilm Productions LLC, CT Productions, Hey Deeck Productions

Storyline: A documentary that explores the collapse of ErnieFilm’s World Wars I as told from the actors and crew making it.

Tagline: Fame. Failure. Explosions.

Release Date: Unreleased

Runtime: 18 minutes

Genres: Documentary | Comedy