Ernie Vasquez


Ernie Vasquez was born and raised in Oxnard, California. At a very young age he learned to edit his home movies using two VCRs, a television, and a CD player. At 15, he directed his first “feature length” film with his friends from the neighborhood called “Furby Wars.” In high school, he advanced to non-linear editing and found any excuse to submit video projects in class. His short documentaries garnered easy As. He graduated Channel Islands High School in 2004 and discovered the Television Production Program at Oxnard College. Ernie avoided the typical newscasts and dull segments, and instead produced unique sketch comedy shorts and parodies. In 2008, he directed and edited a half-hour sketch comedy program for OCTV called “Contraband TV,” which went on to win Best Comedy at the Oxnard Independent Film Festival (and again in 2009 for Episode 2).

In 2009, Ernie was accepted into the California State University Northridge Cinema and Television Arts program where he majored in film editing. Continuing his work on Contraband TV while in college, the show reached the attention of executives at Mun2 (now NBC Universo). Ernie was offered the role of series editor for “Fugitivos de la Ley: Los Angeles” produced by Mun2 and EGA Productions. With 24 episodes under his belt, Ernie continued his passion for film working with companies like Planet 365, David Robin Films, and Mainstream Sounds. Ernie’s creativity for storytelling and patience in film editing is showcased in his wide range of work, from his youth to a professional in the industry.

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